LPG Dispenser

LPG Dispenser

Superior operativeness & Highly accurate measurement

It newly proposes a semi-transmissive LCD with high luminance LED backlight display, which has further improved the visibility and durability performance.

LPG Dispenser


LPG dispenser with remote control system makes the operation and maintenance work very easy.

A variety of safety systems, superior operability, and highly accurate measurements are well evaluated and TOKICO TY series LPG DISOENSER has acquired a good reputation.




Model Dual Hose Type BY22H-S with presetting keypad
BYS2H-S with presetting keypad
Power Source 220V AC 50/60Hz 1Phase (Other voltage are Applicable If requested)
Operational Flow Range 5~60L/min (Flowmeter single performance)
Accuracy ±0.4%
Automatic Temperature Compensation -40~+50 °C
Display Unit (LCD) Volume 0.01~9,999.99 liter
Sales Amount 0.01~9,999.99 / 1~999,999 Unit : currency
Unit Price 0.01~99.99 / 0.1~999.99 Unit : currency per liter
Totalized Amount 1~99,999,999.99 liter
Flowmeter 4-piston type
Filling Nozzle Option
Filling Hose Option
Connection Size Liquid Line JIS20K Flange 25A RF (1B)
Gas Line JIS20K Flange 15A RF (1/2B)
Blow Line Ø6 copper tube
Operating Environment Ambient Temperature -10~+40 °C
Relative Humidity +5~+95 % (Under non dew formation)
POS Option
Dimensions (H)2050×(W)892×(D)520 mm

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