Oil Flowmeter Totalizing unit Electronic type

Totalizing unit Electronic type


  • Wide flow range and high accuracy
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Multi-function Indicator
  • Superb durability
  • Remote-controllable Instrumentation

Standard Specifications(MEASURING UNIT)

FGB Type

Applicable Fluid Kerosene, Light oil, Heavy oil, Lubricating oil
Accuracy ± 0.5%
Flow Rate Range 5~3000 L/h
Fluid Temperature 0~120℃ (Max. 50℃ : Conn.Size 15 mm)
Max. Working Pressure Max. 0.98 MPa {10 kgf/cm² }
Fluid Viscosity Max. 300 mPa·s {300 cP}
Connection Size 15 mm (1/2 inch)~ 25 mm (1 inch)
Flange Rating JIS 10K FF
Material Body / Front Cover FC250 / AC4A (Conn.Size 15 mm)
FCD400 / BC6 (Conn.Size 20 mm, 25 mm)
Rotor PPS Resin
O-ring Fluorine Rubber
Paint color Munsell 2.5 PB 3.5/10
FGB Type
FRL Type

FRL Type

Applicable Fluid Kerosene, Light oil, Heavy oil, and Lubricant etc.
Accuracy ±0.5%
Flow Rate Range 0.07~160 m³/h
Fluid Temperature -5~120℃
(Max.50℃ in case of roots material AC7A Max.150℃ in case of FC200)
Max.Working Pressure Max. 2.5 Mpa
Fluid Viscosity Max. 150,000 mPa·s
Connection Size 25mm(1B)~100mm(4B)
Flange Rating FC 250: JIS 10K FF
FCD400 : JIS 10K FF
SCPH2 : (JIS 10K, 20K RF ASME·JPI 150, 300 RF)
Material Main Body FC250: (Capacity 35-52 type)
FCD400 : (Capacity 35-41 type)
SCPH2 : (Capacity 35-52 type 80mm of 45 type is excluded.)
Rotor FC200, AC7A or ADC
Rotor Shaft SUS416 hard chrome plating
Bearing C5191, FC, Ball Bearing
Driving Gear SUS316
Piping Installation Horizontal or Vertical Piping
Paint Color Munscll 2.5 PB 3.5/10

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