Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter PPS Resin Series

Because the parts in contact with liquid are molded as one body with a PPS resin, there is neither a seal nor a pocket, and most suitable for the measurements such as chemicals, water and pure water.

PPS Resin Series


Excellent corrosion resistant feature

Because an excellent corrosion resistant liner PPS resin that does not contain glass is used for the parts in contact with liquid, it is suitable for the measurements of pure water and chemicals that are sensitive to dirt.

Complete pocketless structure

Because sensor is externally installed, the pocketless structure where fluid is always moving is adopted.

Noise resistant structure

Because high frequency ultrasonic sensor is used, it is hard to be influenced by mechanical noise such as piping vibrations.

Weight saving

It can be directly installed at the resin piping of the pure water line etc. by weight saving with resin made.

Chemical fluid resistant structure

Because the amplifier case storing the electric circuit is also molded as one body with a resin, the PPS series is excellent in corrosion resistance when chemicals are measured.

Main specification

PPS Resin Series spec

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