Ultrasonic Gas Meter


Highly Accurate Flow Measurement

Adopts the propagation timedifference system. The time difference of the ultrasonicwaves varies in proportion tothe flow speed when the pair of sensors alternately and repeatedly emit and sense signals.

Ultrasonic Gas Meter


High Accuracy / Wide Flow Range

  • High-accuracy (±1% RD (meter units))
  • Wide measuring range (flow rate range 1:40, flow rate sensitivity 1/200)
  • Maximum flow speed: 30 m/s, suffi cient for measuring town gas

No Moving Parts / No Obstructions

No protrusions in the fl owpath means little pressure loss and no supply failure in the event of an unexpected malfunction.

Dust- / Mist-Resistant

Meter operation is hardly affected by dust, mist or other foreign matter in gas piping.

Hardware Specifications

Hardware Specifications

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