Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter SUS Series

Detecting Karman vortex with phase demodulation of ultrasonic wave, there is no moving part and the sensor is non-contact type. It improved concussion resistance greatly and realized the wide flow range.

SUS Series


Vibration noise resistant structure

Because high frequency ultrasonic sensor is used, it is not influenced by mechanical noise such as piping vibrations.

Flow rate detection from low flow rate (0.1 m/s ∼)

The detection of vortex from low speed is enabled without being influenced by a sudden temperature change by adopting a double sensor system with double sensitivity.

On line replaceable

The ultrasonic sensor assembly can be detached from the flowmeter housing while the flowmeter is installed in piping. Therefore, bypass line is unnecessary.

No adjustment on site

Because zero point and zero cut adjustment are unnecessary, SUS series can be used immediately after installation on site.

High accuracy±0.5% R.D.

It is realized by the original shape of vortex generation pillar.

Main specification

SUS Series spec

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