Absolutely Brilliant.

GA Model

A brand-new season for fuel stations has come. Tokico System Solutions launches the advanced all-round fuel dispensers to the world. Various choices of models with user-friendly design will match with every station layout. The excellent appearance and state-of-the-art technology are ready to enhance your brilliant future.


Indication Example

Bright and Clear Display

High-contrast Black Display

We apply a brand-new LCD panel for the new model with high-contrast, high-luminance and large characters.

User Friendly Preset Function

Preset Functional Buttons

8 preset buttons which any volume and any money can be registered in.

Light and Sound

Smart operation is realized with light and sound when pressing preset keypad.

1-pump and 2-flowmeter Unit

High Accuracy

Super-precise Flowmeter by Tokico System Solutions

Precise measurement ±0.25% is realized with Japan-made flowmeter developed in our factory.

Electromagnetic Sensor

Non-contact magnetic-resistance sensor originally-developed in Japan is adopted for stable measurement and longer life.

High Performance in Repeated Small-Amount Fueling

Accuracy is always stable by special software program designed for repeated small-amount fueling to motorbikes.

Safety Functions

Impact Detection

Fueling is instantly stopped when the car accident or earthquake occurs.

Power Surge Protection

The protection board, which is easy to replace, secures the electronic components in a sudden power surge.

Over Time / Over Volume Detection

Fueling is automatically stopped if the dispenser detects over time / over volume fueling.

Emergency Stop Switch

In case of the emergency, fueling can be manually stopped as well.

Easy Maintenance

Unique Design

Simple structure for maintenance is realized because the pump and the flowmeter are directly connected.

Dual-filter Structure

Dual Filters in Pump

Both filters in the pump can be easily removed and cleaned up.

Error Messages

Easy-to-understand error messages show the current status of dispenser.

Easy Daily Check

Unnecessary to remove the main body panel for periodical inspection.

Long Life Design

Rust-Proof Body

High-corrosion galvanized steel plate makes the dispenser body stronger.

Results of Salt Spray Long-life Test Based on Japanese Standard

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